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Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats/Bucks

Reference Bucks

Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats
Reference Bucks



+*B SG Lassenwood Zhivago Zen - N1174237
2007 ADGA National Premier Sire
 3/28/99 - 4/10/09
LA: 7-02 89 VEE
SIRE: *B Lassenwood Rainmaker Zhivago
DAM: GCH. Niro Dandy's Zettie 1*M
LA: 4-06 90 VEEE
SS: *B Sweet-Harvest Rain Maker
SD: Niro Dandy's Zottie 1*M
DS: ++*B GCH. Rio Del Oro's Dandy-Lion
DD: Kidde Bo's Zest
Zen daughters did extremly well at the 2007 ADGA National Show in Gillette, Wyoming. He sired the Reserve Jr. Champion"Remuda LZZ Rhapsody" , the 4th and 8th place Jr. Kids,7th place Sr. kid, 1st,2nd,&7th place Jr. yearling, 3rd & 10th place Jr. Get of Sire, 3rd & 19th place 4yr. old, 14th place 5&6 yr. old, 6th place Sr. Get of Sire.
~ 60 Reg. offspring

~ 9 daughters with LA score of 90 and above / Average   FS 87.9

~ 12 daughters have earned their Superior Genetics

~ 4 daughters have earned their SGCH

~ PTI:21 : -23

~PTI: 12 :    7




++B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie - N1248785
DOB: 4/20/02-11/18/11
LA: 7-02 91 EEE
Sire: ++B Prairie-Patch Miller- 1st place Jr. Get 2002 Nat'ls, 1st place Sr. Get 2006 Nat'ls, sire of 2005 Nat'l CH/Res. BU & 2006 Res. Nat'l CH/BU)
LA 02-04 84 ++V
Dam: Lassenwood SHRM Zenobia
LA 86(dry)
SS: +B Prairie-Patch Matlock
SD: Prairie-Patch Minnie
DS: +*B Sweet Harvest Rain Maker
DD: GCH. Niro Dandy's Zettie 1*M

Remuda LZZ Armani

Remuda LZZ Armani
DOB: 6/9/06
LA: 3-00 89 VVE
Sire: +*B SG Lassenwood Zhivago Zen
(2007 ADGA National Premier Sire)
Dam: Remuda RJ Peggy Sue 12*M- 18th place 2 year old-2007 ADGA Nat'ls
LA: 3-03 88 V+VE
SS: *B Lassenwood Rainmaker Zhivago
LA 03-04 87 VVV
SD: GCH Niro Dandy's Zettie 1*M
LA 04-06 90 VEEE
DS: Copper-Hill BW Reuben James
DD: GCH Remuda BS Peg Of My Heart


DOB: 6/13/07
Sire: CH. Lassenwood Niko Pluto
Dam: CH. Kastdemur's Layla
SS: *B Lassenwood Ozzie Niko
SD: Lassenwood PQFJ Plumeria
DS: ++*B SG Kastdemur's LH Full Service
DD: GCH. Lassenwood Miller Kalila 1*M
(2005 ADGA Nat'l Champion, and Reserve Best Udder)

+*B Whisper'N'Pines Formal Affair - N1155854
LA: 8-02 88 VVV
SIRE: ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador
LA: 3-02 90 EEV
DAM: Ladies-Blue Wicked Figure 5*M
LA: 4-02 87 VVEV
SS: ++*B Ker-A-Tin Acres Royal Majesty
SD: GCH. Brown Sugar's Chardonnay5*M
DS: ++*B GCH. Ladies-Blue Wild Wicked Game
DD: GCH. H.Homestead Nadiaa 4*M

+*B SGCH Copper-Hill Breakaway's Sonset

+*B SGCH  Copper-Hill Breakaway's Sonset - N1253010
LA: 04-03 90 EVE
2003 ADGA - SDP
Top 10 Young Sire
ETA +58 +18
7 Daughters av:FS - 86.29
SIRE: SGCH. ++*B Copper-Hill Alginons Breakaway
PTI 2:1 160 1:2 133
EX91/EEE      2000 Premier Sire
DAM: Copper-Hill Winter Sunrise 14*M
SS: ++*B Fra-Jac's Lord Alginon
SD: SG Copper-Hill Winter Beauty 11*M
4-01 305 3520 182 5.2% 138 3.9% TOP TEN RECORD
DS: ++*B Amberwood Jedi's Winter Frost
FS 91 EVE PTI 2:1 111 1:2 87
DD: Copper-Hill Abe's Sandpiper 13*M
(AI) - +*B Wingwood Farm KR Alessandro - N1336243
Sire: +B SGCH.  M's Sagebrush Dakota Kieran
Dam: SGCH. Wingwood Farm TJ Allegra 1*M
05-06 91 VEEE
SS: ++B M's Sagebrush Acres Dakota
SD: Wild*West Miss Kitty
DS: +*B Wingwood Farm Royal Trojan
DD: Lotuseater Alegria
*B Rizing Moon Mercury At Sonset - N1357121
LA: 7-04 90 EEV
Sire: +*B SGCH. Copper-Hill Breakaway's Sonset
LA 04-03 90 EVE
Dam: SGCH. Copper-Hill PB I'm Virginia 13*M
SS: SGCH. ++*B Copper-Hill Alginons Breakaway
SD: Copper-Hill Winter Sunrise 14*M
DS: Copper-Hill W.F. Papa Bear
(AI) - Lassenwood Miller Finnegan - N1248782
Sire: ++B Prairie-Patch Miller-1st place Jr. Get 2002 Nat'ls, 1st place Sr. Get 2006 Nat'ls,sire of 2005 Nat'l Ch/Res. BU, 2006 Res. Nat'l Ch/BU)
LA 02-04 84 ++V
Dam: Patch-Quilt-Farms Finesse
SS: +B Prairie-Patch Matlock
SD: Prairie-Patch Minnie
DS: *B Patch-Quilt-Farms Encino
DD: Patch-Quilt-Farms Elisha
+*B My-Enchanted-Acres Zen's Reign
Sire: +*B SG Lassenwood Zhivago Zen
LA: 7-02 89 VEE
Dam: SG My-Enchanted-Acres Cinderblaze 6*M
LA: 4-03 90 VEEE
SS: *B Lassenwood Rainmaker Zhivago
LA: 3-04 89 VEE
SD: GCH Niro Dandy's Zettie 1*M
LA: 4-06-90 VEEE
DS: ++*B SGCH E-B Brown's XJB Trailblaiser
LA: 90 EEV
DD: GCH My-Enchanted-Acres HE#1 Shadow 5*M
LA: 7-04 90 EVVE
This is a exciting pedigree, 2 generations full, top & bottom of LA 89/90 scores, I really admire the width throughout on this young buck, as well as his dairy character and general appearence, not to mention he  has his daddy's head with long, long ears. We finally got daughters from him, and was not disappointed.
(AI) Stagelight SP Park Avenue
LA: 92 EEE
Sire: Sweet-Harvest Show Premier
Dam: Stagelight RR Pukahani
(8th pl. 4 year old, 2008 ADGA National Show)
SS: Sweet-Harvest Big Red's Legacy
SD: Sweet-Harvest Showmenomercy
DS: Sweet*Things Rocky Road
DD: Lassenwood Zhivago Pukalani